Start your Honey Letter Here!

Be sure to scroll down, to check all the options for your Honey Letter. Select your paper, font, envelope and choose any additions you want to include. Once you have completed each section, just hit the next button.

If you have ordered a Honey Letter before and just want to order a basic letter with no “frills” and fun additions, click here for a quicker experience.

Price List

  • Plain White Letter with Envelope (Default) – $4.95
  • US Postage (Forever Stamp) – $0.58
  • Printed Border onto Plain Paper – $0.75
  • Colored Envelope (Pink, Cream or Black) – $0.75
  • Old Style Paper & Envelope – $1.50
  • Wax Seal – $1.25
  • Wax Seal with Glitter – $2.00
  • Polaroid Style Photo – $1.50
  • Wallet Size Photo – $1.00
  • Felt Heart – $0.50
  • Star Foil Confetti – $0.50
  • Ribbon Bow (approx 1 inch size)- $0.50
  • Added Image of Sender Signature – $0.25

Honey Letter Options

There are lots of options for you to choose from when designing and preparing your letter. Be sure to choose which paper, envelope, fonts and options first.

Click on images to view them in a larger format.

Available Fonts

Choose a font that you either like, or that you feel represents your own handwriting for the content of your letter. You can also sign your name (nickname or sign off) on a piece of paper, take a picture and send to Honey Letters for us to add at the bottom of your letter. Make sure you use a clean piece of white paper so that we can capture your personal note.

Wax Stamps

Add a unique wax stamp to your letter or envelope. Below are the colors available and the design of the stamps which include a crown, bee, tree of life, rose, heart, olive leaf crown and a “H” for Honey Letters. All envelopes will automatically have an “H” wax stamp in a random color free of charge.

Paper Options

In addition to white paper, we have a variety of colored paper and old time formatted paper. If you choose white paper, we can add borders and images of your choice. In your order form, describe what you would like and we will search for a border or image that will make your letter more personal and unique. For some papers we have matching envelopes. The envelopes below are the ones that we have matching paper for.


pictures are printed with high quality settings and on HP Glossy Photo Paper. The pictures can be trimmed to appear as a Polaroid image, or wallet size. Request color, sepia or black and white.

Star Confetti & Hearts

A little fun…a handful of star confetti will bring joy to someone’s day…and a felt heart will show your partner, friend or family member that you think of them often.