Why the paper, fonts, trinkets, photographs, envelopes and seals you choose makes a difference!!

Honey Letters offers a variety of different options for you to select from to make your letter personal for you and the person that will be receiving it. These opptions include the paper used, the font, your personal signature, small trinkets, photographs, your own personally written name at the bottom, the envelope color, wax stamp or personal sticker to seal the envelope and a choice of USPS Forever Stamps. The paper you choose can make a huge impact to your message. Even if you select white paper, with a plain envelope, that choice sends a message. Plain white can be classic and allow your written note in a script font stand out more! We can create your letter in 3 different formats for you to ensure that you are happy with the final composition. Here you can see a small sample of the paper options that are currently available. If you do not see what you are looking for, there is a strong possibility that the Honey Letters team can create it for you.

Let Honey Letters focus on the Details!

Honey Letters will pull together all of your ideas, and create a unique, fun, and loving message for you to send.

What should you write, and how do you want it to look!

Everyone's writing style is different, both in the words they use, and what their hand writing looks like. We can help you with both here at Honey Letters. If you are having difficulties finding the right words, use the button below to view different sample letters and ideas of what you can write. You can of course, completely write your letter yourself.

In addition, we have 30 fonts that you can choose from. You can choose the one that you like the most, of if you have a favorite font that is not in the list, message us and we will check to see if it is available.


  • Mark H
    I find it much easier to write how I feel versus saying it out loud. Honey Letters is the way to my wife's heart!
    Mark H
  • Sandra D
    A quick click, a few moments to type a letter, and Honey Letters takes the care of the rest! Who wouldn't want to get a kind and thoughtful letter in the mail?
    Sandra D
  • Liane J
    I love the fact that I can type a letter to my family and friends, select a few options, and click send. I have received phone calls, telling me how much they appreciated the letter and that I had taken the time to send it! Honey Letters is on my "to do" list every week!
    Liane J